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A Recent Failure

Bed Quilt Project

I started this quilt before moving and finished it just after we bought our new house. It was a fitting ‘house warming’ present for our new home. One small problem… as good as I like to think my maths is, something went awry in converting this pattern from a small lap quilt to one that would fit a queen bed. It never did sit right and you would think even when laying it out on our bed (above) that I would have figured that out. Regardless I persisted in putting it on our bed and we happily made our bed with this ill fitting quilt for about 6 months. Then one day… the cyclist accidentally put it on the wrong way, and guess what, it fits much better. It did not even occur to me to try this – he’s so clever. Has this ever happened to you?


July 16, 2010 \ 52 weeks \ 3 comments

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Dear Lynette, The Romance is Over

Our challenge this week is to write about falling out of love with a technique, fabric or pattern. For me the answer is easy… Thimbleberries. I used to adore the country stylings of Lynette Jensen’s fabric and now I’m really not a fan at all. My first real foray into quilting was in Atlanta where I did a course at Little Quilts in Marietta and the kit I bought for our sampler was all Thimbleberries fabrics. I was hooked,  I joined a Thimbleberries fat quarter club and received 6 fat quarters a month. Then my interest in Thimbleberries started to wane but not before I had built up quite a stash. Now I’m not sure what to do with it . Any suggestions? I do admire Lynette Jensen, I think she’s an amazing force in the quilting world but her work is just not my cup of tea anymore.

February 21, 2010 \ 52 weeks \ 1 comment

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Quilting: A fine example of chaos theory

I have long held the theory that quilting is actually chaos theory in action. A small error in measuring or in my case in calculating yardage can result in a completely unexpected outcome. Maybe not of the magnitude of a cyclone caused by butterfly wings but try telling that to the quilter. Here is what is currently occupying my sewing table.

A very long line of stacks of six 10″ squares that is my latest quilt project and goes against everything I have done previously. Firstly everything is curved, these squares are cut into four pieces using lines drawn freehand as a guide.
This randomness is both liberating and just a little bit nerve wrecking for me. I’ve always dutifully followed patterns that involve squares and at most the odd triangle but never curves. Then comes the task of mixing the pieces up and sewing them back together, but they don’t go back together they end up a puckered and misaligned mess, which is normal and encouraged according to the pattern.
So now I have a stack that needs clipping and ironing and trimming down to size because these blocks were never destined to be 10″ squares. This is as far as I’ve got and I’m certain the result will be wonderful but the process is well… chaotic.

January 7, 2010 \ 52 weeks \ 1 comment

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Quilt Project #2 – Take 1

Look what arrived today! I am in fabric heaven. This is the stash that will be used to create my next quilt. I was going to publish a picture of the pattern I plan to follow but then I thought it would be nice to see it evolve here. I went with fabrics by Sandi Henderson from her Farmer’s Market collection. I just couldn’t go past those apples. A big thank you to Ruth from Sew Love Fabrics etsy store. My list of 29 fabrics was not for the faint hearted and she not only had them all in stock but had them sent off to me in less than 24 hours – what a feat! She’ll be happy to know that I miscalulated just a little so I’ll have to return for a little more backing fabric. Now let the fun begin.

November 20, 2008 \ projects \ 0 comments - be the first

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Quilt Project – Take Nine – It’s Finished!

I have finally finished! It’s only taken me… what… 8 months. I simply cannot understand how some people churn out 20 quilts a year. Anyway, it looks fabulous on our bed and is incredibly warm to sleep under, thanks to the bamboo batting. A big thanks to Joy and A Joyful Soul Fabrics for assuring me that the dark backing would be a nice contrast to the light top. And another big thanks to Maria the Goulburn Quilting Angel for doing such a beautiful job. OK… now it’s time to get some inspiration for my next project!

October 7, 2008 \ projects \ 0 comments - be the first

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Quilt Project – Take Six and Seven

A little belated I know. Here’s the tale end of my quilt project. It is now on it’s way to be professionally quilted. This is the backing fabric drying on our line. There was 9.5 yards of it so it was quite unruly to handle.

My last step was to lay it all out on the bed to see if the backing was infact bigger than my top – a mistake I made in my last project. I’m happy to say it all fits so I look forward to getting back. It’s sure going to change our bedroom.

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Quilt Project – Take Five

A little belated, but so is everything when you’re getting ready to move house. I received the second last lot of fabric from the wonderful Joy at a A Joyful Soul Fabrics. A small piece for the binding and this piece intended for the borders. My youngest opened the package with great excitement and proceeded to drag this long length of fabric around the house. He spread it out very carefully on our bedroom floor and rolled around on it – as pictured above. I had to wait until it had been thoroughly road tested before I could wash it!

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I chose the wrong picture. This is going to be my border. Thank you to Joy for picking that one up. I agree that the green is a good choice, it may soften the pinks a little which will make my darling husband happy. He’s already commented that the quilt is a little girly… here’s hoping he’s joking!

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Quilt Project – Take Four

So I have finally put the strips together for my quilt. Despite being a relatively simple pattern, actually squaring off the quilt has been a challenge. I believe that quilting is chaos theory in action. One slight error can culminate in one large discrepancy in measurements. I am now trying to work out what to do for border – it needs it. In keeping with theme of Amy Butler Lotus I think I’ll use this one for the backing. I like the contrast of the dark back to the light front.

As far as border goes I think I’ll go for this. As Joy from A Joyful Soul Fabrics pointed out, maybe the green will bring out the greens in the quilt top. I do like green.

But I have just learned that Amy Butler is now doing coordinating solids so we’ll see how we go… and for the binding. Well it has to be a stripe – that’s becoming my tradition.

June 22, 2008 \ projects \ 0 comments - be the first

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