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An eye for :: square jewellery

4 jewellery pieces with a square shape

I purposefully went in search of squares to relieve my eyes from all those circles. I found myself so struck with the beautiful silver square shaped jewellery on Etsy. I love square jewellery, I think I like the idea of something so straight and formal on the human body that is round and irregular. My engagement ring is almost literally a round peg in square hole; it’s an Argyle diamond in a square setting – a long story at how I arrived at that design but it’s a setting that works and the irony is not lost on me.

My gorgeous square pieces are all via Etsy:

  1. Tiny Hammered Square Silver Stud Earrings – The Edge by Quercus Silver
  2. Square sterling silver ring with custom inscription in matte finish by Two Silver Moons
  3. Sterling silver ring ,handmade contemporary,silversmith,modern,square, – Summer sky by Zizou Art
  4. Contemporary sterling silver necklace, minimalist sterling silver square pendant, modern jewelry by organikx

March 10, 2012 \ etsy \ 2 comments

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