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Mini bunting whimsical circus

Hanging Rainbow Hearts

Happy Easter

It’s been blowing a gale outside for the last two days which has made me think it’s perfect flag (or kite) weather. I love flags – love them – and I can’t account for it at all. If I had my way I’m sure our house would look like a mardi gras float but I do show some restraint.

When we lived in Atlanta we visited some Canadian friends of my parents who had a summer house in Maine. I loved how people in Maine had hand crafted flags fixed to their entrances to herald the season. I have only been to Maine in the summer so I can imagine that, given their extreme winter, then summer must be a season of celebration. I like the idea of celebrating the change of seasons. For us now the leaves are just starting to change and the days are getting cooler so a daffodil on an Easter flag is quite foreign but I would definitely want to be waving a daffodil flag with the first signs of spring.

Happy change of season!

My flag finds are from top: Mini Bunting Whimsical Circus by Boo Bah Blue, Hanging Rainbow Hearts – A Colourful Felt Garland by The Rainbow Room, Happy Easter by Crafts Queen

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It’s beginning to feel like autumn

This chill is already in the air and the leaves are just starting to turn heralding my favourite time of the year. It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of summer and I get quietly excited when nature reminds me that winter is approaching. The mornings are dark, the fog appears on sunrise, the hot air balloons are out and loveliest of all, the days are warm. So begins autumn in the Nation’s capital and one of the many reasons I love living here is that it has real seasons. This year it seems autumn is arriving a little early but then I may be mistaken. What’s your favourite season?

My autumnal finds are from top:

Red – signed decorative print by Slight Clutter Photography, Silver Oak Leaves Necklace by Wearable by Design, 25 Oak Leaves Recycled Maps by Card Expressions

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Something Seasonal

Japanese Maple in my garden

Winter is officially upon us (in Australia anyway) and tomorrow the weather person is promising us a whole day of cold, wind, rain and maybe even snow. I am a little obsessed with the weather – I think I may have mentioned it before. Even my blog name is homage to the inexact science of weather prediction. I think I inherited that trait from my Dad – he can tell you exactly how much rain has fallen each month for the last 20 years. When you live in the outback of one of the driest continents on earth it’s hardly surprising that rain becomes a hobby of sorts.

I do love this time of year and I especially love the seasons in Canberra. The last of the trees are changing and in our garden this means the Japanese maple is showing it’s colours. Do you have a favourite season?

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Change of Season and the End of Birthday Month

This is the flash of red at the bottom of my garden. These blossoms herald the end of summer and the start of autumn and coincide with shortening days and chilly mornings. Today marks the last day of summer and the end of birthday month. When the boys were little we would take our annual holiday in March just to recover from the all the birthdays. I just love autumn and I find myself about this time each year scrutinizing the Japanese maple for signs of change. I’m lucky to live in one of the few places in Australia that has the seasons in all their glory. I know some of my antipodean friends are probably looking forward to spring after what has been a long cold winter, if the newspapers are to be believed. So what’s your favourite season? Does it change the the focus of your work?

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The Silly Season

The silly season is upon us and moving at lightning speed this year. Our tree is yet to be purchased and even though December 1st has past we tend to do things later in our house. Mostly because we like to buy live trees. We also have a tradition of adding 3 new Christmas decorations each year to our growing collection. The picture at the top shows 2 of the 3 we bought this year from Country Road. All were chosen by the little one and while I really wanted the red plaid glass ball he went for a plain red instead. And speaking of red, I love this Nordic Light candle holder from Design House Stockholm. The arms can be moved and they come with 4 or 7. Now I think that would look lovely in our dining room.

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It’s Autumn

Actually it’s almost winter but I never tire of autumn. I love the colours and the crisp mornings and warm days. I also love that I now live in a city that shows autumn in all its glory. We have nearly seen out an entire year in our new home and I have enjoyed watching the garden bloom, grow and now go dormant. This tree pictured is the most surprising. It sits outside our front courtyard wall and really makes our house stand out on the street.

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Sunday Pounce

I must confess that I was a little less random in my pouncing today. I purposefully went in search of snowflakes and knew that if I just kept hitting the Pounce Again button then something would appear – being so close to Christmas. It didn’t take that long to land on these gorgeous snowflake wall decals from Decorette esty store. And why the snowflake? Well it’s very cold and wet outside and almost 1 week before the official start to the Australian summer there is snow on the ranges surrounding Canberra! I thought it quite funny that Decorette is based in Melbourne. If I get brave enough this afternoon I may even go take some pictures of the snow to post here.

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This is another reason why I love Canberra. We have had a few chilly mornings this week, which have brought out the hot air balloons. I think the wind must be blowing in our direction as this was the view over our house on Thursday morning. The boys tried to yell and wave at them but I don’t think they heard us! It sure was a beautiful morning for ballooning.

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