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mattt bags

mattt bags

The cyclist will almost definitely disagree with me on this but I’m pretty sure I need one of these bags. Mattt bags are proudly handmade in Melbourne using fabric from Australian designers. I’ve narrowed my favourites down to four that all use fabric by the very talented Lara Cameron who is also based in Melbourne. Which do you think I should go with?

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These Boots Were Made for Walking

Bennets Boots Wide Calf Boots in Jude Black

Confession time again, I do that alot have you noticed? I have quite large calves… I notch this up to genetics, being a curvy girl, an extraordinarily large muscle at the top of my lower leg and my penchant for riding bicycles. Why is it that male cyclists are really lean and yet female cyclists aren’t? Not that I’m saying I’m in the same league as a professional cyclist but… anyway were was I? Oh that’s right, large calves and as a result I have never been able to buy myself tall boots. I spent all last year trying nevertheless and even the ones that are intended for wide calves really aren’t. Then I found Bennetts Boots based in Victoria and you can purchase from the aptly named Three widths to choose from and they fit! They arrived safe and beautifully packaged.

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A Fabric Find and Hawthorne Threads

My gorgeous friend Rach sent me a link to Hawthorne Threads last week and I was besotted. I don’t think I’ve seen such a gorgeous range of fabric under one ‘virtual’ roof. Luckily for me I was in need of some fabric for my boys’ birthday t-shirts and then I was just so inspired by these – a selection from Echino fabrics. I just love the top right and even though I have no plans for it yet I bought a yard. These remind me of all the good design that exists in Japan. After living there in total for 3 years I experienced a lot of not so good design but this just shows that it’s out there. Now the only question is what should I do with it? I’m thinking of buying some foam and making a cushion for our hallway shoe rack, what do you think? Suggestions would be welcome.

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I am not what you would call a dedicated follower of fashion but I do love bags! While bidding on eBay for this one – the red plait poppet by Louenhide I went searching for other stockists of Louenhide bags. This is how I stumbled across Birdsnest and found a top so cute that I had to have it (which my darling husband thinks is an excuse he can use for a $3000+ bicycle). The cute top, which I didn’t expect to see until after Christmas, arrived on my doorstep less than 24 hours after I ordered it – how did they do it? In case you’re wondering I won the bag for $3.11 less than my maximum bid!

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I’ve just been browsing the latest designer list for the upcoming Handmade Market in September. Some new and some familiar. This led me to the Prim and Pretty blog and a great picture of her felt flowers (top) – that’s mine in the middle on the right! This made me think of my other purchase from the MissChief Maker High Tea Event, which was a pair of Tubeway Armies Arm Warmers. These are upcycled from old sweaters and while mine are not nearly as colourful as the ones pictured they do have the dots and buttons. You can find them at the gayeabandon Etsy store.

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A Taste of France

July is the month that has almost all of the Heasman family glued to the Tour de France – or the last 10km of each stage at least. With Bastille Day over for another year I started to think of all things French. These are from one of my favourite online stores – French Bazaar. A place in Australia for quirky French homewares. I especially like the la vie est verte shopping trolley and think I would definitely stand out at the Saturday morning farmers market with that one. The bottom picture is of paper placemats – which could be very useful in our house.

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In Search of a Bag

I braved the Handmade Upmarket again last weekend and this time my mission was to buy an everyday bag now that I no longer have need for a nappy bag. I found the perfect bag at the moyou stall. Amy from moyou designs and prints her own fabric (top photo), amongst other things – you can see her talent in the moyou etsy store. The bag was just lovely but I was very put off with the way her ‘helper’ pried it out of my hands in much the same way you would coerce a full cup of milk from a toddler! Needless to say I didn’t buy it and I didn’t find anything else that really caught my eye. So my search continued.
The little one and I went out to Goldcreek together for browsing and morning tea. Here I found this bag by b.sirius at The Style Emporium. Perfect! The apple and cinnamon tea at Adore Tea was good too.

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A Trip to Spotlight

My gorgeous friend Rach and I decided to brave Spotlight this afternoon. It really requires a strong constitution as it is such a store of chaos and yet if you are willing to persist you can most times pick up a bargain. I almost became trapped in the rug department. I went armed with my iPhone for inspiration and Rach went with a very long list for all her projects. There is a definite theme to the fabrics that I captured. The middle one I bought but it’s not pink and pale green but actually a very dark brown on a very dark green and I think will make a groovy pair of shorts for my boys.

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I subscribe to many newsletters… mostly because I don’t like junk mail in my letter box. Most of them I delete (just like junk mail) except those from Aesop. They are makers of lovely lotions, oils and creams that have bulk mail newsletters that are filled with interesting links. In this months edition there’s links to everything from Leonard Cohen tickets to a garlic farmer in the Hunter Valley. You can view the real thing online at Aesop – make sure you click the latest link to bring it up. The quotes at the bottom are randomly generated. Does it make me want to buy more hand cream (which I do actually use)?

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Bring It Home

Meet Michael and Loyzek who have come up with the most ingenious idea yet for Canberra. They have started Bring It Home, a business going on buying and transportation trips to Ikea in Sydney. Despite the rumours Canberra still hasn’t qualified for it’s own Ikea and it seems they were equally frustrated by this as a vast majority of Canberrans. These guys will be doing regular trips for 17% of the purchase price – sounds good to me! I love Ikea you only need look at our house! Now I better go an make my list.

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