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Last week I discovered these gorgeous packable grocery bags. They are made by Envirosax a company based in Queensland. It’s always nice to support Aussie companies. You can buy them as singles but I bought this “Mikado” Graphic set that comes in it’s own little pouch. They arrived yesterday and I got to test them out at the markets this morning. I also liked that they came with instructions on how to fold them so they would all fit back into the pouch. Nice.

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Remo General Store

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. It’s the Remo General Store. This is, by far, one of my favourite places on the internet. It used to be one of my favourite stores when they had a store front on Oxford street in Sydney. I wandered past it daily on my way to art school… oh such a long time ago. The store is probably most famous for its T-shirts, this probably another reason why I love it so. Remo has recently launched the Design ‘O’ Matic. This allows you to make your own T-shirt designs, share you designs with other customers and even earn royalties. Every year I make my boys birthday T-shirts – I can’t wait to put the Design ‘O’ Matic to the test for next years editions.

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I Love Bison

In this case I don’t mean the North American beast, although I really do love them as well. This is about Bison Australia – makers of beautiful stoneware and based right here in the ACT region. My dear friend (whom I met in a parents room) gave me a tea bowl for my birthday (centre picture). Another Bison piece for my collection. My ambition is to have an entire plate set in all the colours, go check out the colour palette to see what I’m talking about. I can also vouch for their customer service brian @ bison was amazingly helpful when I was trying to choose colours for the table pots I sent to my old roommate in San Francisco.

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Love Libby

I stumbled upon these cute little bags this year at Floriade (our annual tulip festival). I think the name is brilliant – but that’s too obvious. You can check out Love Libby at her website. Choose your bag, then, if you can, choose your fabric the choice is so great that you will probably find it difficult. I love the lingerie fabric (top left) and I do have a thing for stars and hearts!

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