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Special delivery :: snail mail for me

What is guaranteed to brighten a cold grey winter day? For me it was coming home to find one piece of mail in my mailbox; a hand addressed envelope for me! My beautiful friend Jess of Brown Paper Bunny is also part of the Creative Collective, who have declared June to be the month of snail mail and all those involved have set about to brighten someone’s day with some hand written goodness. I’m so touched to be on the receiving end. Do you still send snail mail?

My little package was so beautifully put together and included many treasures; a Japanese origami crane, colour yourself tattoos, a note written in invisible ink (we haven’t heated it yet), a cute book by Jess called books with a story and photos of her book collection, a limited edition autumn leaf print by Jess (it’s already in a frame) and not one but two Lego posters for my boys. They are both not so secretly in love with Jess and it’s not difficult to see why.

Pictures taken with Instagram – my new favourite toy.

June 23, 2011 \ friends \ 2 comments

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