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Palette and pattern :: tiny snowflakes

Palette inspired by frozen berries

It’s been a while since my last palette and I had forgotton how much I enjoy the process. Inspired by the snowflake image by Kathy I set about to create my palette, I paid a little more attention to what I like to think of as geography in an image. This is how much a colour occupies the real estate of the image and what colours immediately jump out at me – squinting helps me with this task. Remembering of course that at ColourLovers you are limited to a palette of 5 colours.

I think though I really enjoyed the beginning to end process of my pattern making this time around using my own hand drawn snowflakes. This was my first attempt and I learned a lot from the exercise. I was very judgemental of my drawings but once I started to incorporate scale and colour they really did reveal something different. My two patterns, which you are welcome to download and use are (top) Snowing Somewhere and (bottom) Primary Snow. If you are a ColourLover you can also use my templates to create a pattern with your own colours. And I’ve just spotted a flaw in the bottom one, can you see it? Oh well.

Handmade patterns

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Snowflake scribbles

I’ve been playing around with drawing snowflakes on my Wacom tablet using images of real snowflakes from snow as my inspiration. I started out with different brushes, which were a little hard to control but gave interesting results (see below). For these one I used the pen tool in Illustrator to achieve the perfect straight lines.

And for these I used just the brush tool. The rotate feature became useful to repeat one point after I had got it looking the way I wanted. I also wanted to see what it would look like to block out the entire shapes vs drawing the crystals. These ones start to look more decorative and less quintessential snowflake. I think they have potential but maybe not as snowflakes – what do you think? I’ll keep plugging away at them and let you know how I go.

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It’s snowing – somewhere in the world

Selection of snowflakes

My Mum used to say that she’d often have a colour in her eye – meaning that for a short period of time she was attracted to a single colour. I suffer from the same problem but with me it’s always a pattern and this week it’s been snowflakes – they are everywhere I look! I know that Christmas is around the corner but for us that means the middle of summer – so not a snowflake in sight. So to get it out of my system I thought I would go in search of some snowflakes. Is it snowing where you are? Maybe I can live vicariously.

My snowflake finds are all via Etsy, clockwise from top left: 5 Porcelain winter white & pearl snowflake ornaments by Lanique Home, Snowflake Cross Stitch Kit by SewingseedPaper Garland – Christmas Snowflakes by Art’s Delight, Recycled Lasercut Snowflake Gift Tags by Sophia Victoria Joy

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Snowflake envy

Winter is upon us and while I live in one of the colder parts of Australia it doesn’t get snow (well not very often). I sometimes wish I lived in a snowy part of the world and the few times I have, well… I really loved it. I know some of you reading this probably want to slap some sense into me and I’ve never had to deal with digging a car out of driveway or dressing children for the snowy outdoors so it’s probably a very romanticised view of the world. I do love the exhilaration of the extreme cold, like the frozen landscape of Newfoundland, and the silence that comes with a good snowfall.

When I went to work in Japan I applied to live in Hokkaido – far northern island. I had visions of living in a frozen tundra and working myself into a creative frenzy. It wasn’t meant to be and I ended up in Nagoya, which I loved by the way, but it is affectionately referred to as the armpit of Japan as it’s so humid in summer. I really don’t function well in humidity – give me a cold day any time. And maybe a little snow.

P.S. I have snowflake decals on my family room wall (Christmas decorations from 2 years ago) and the boys won’t let me take them off. I also have that garland hanging in my kitchen – the cyclist wouldn’t let me pack it away after Christmas last year!! Seems I’m not the only snowflake fan.

My snowflakes have fallen from: (clockwise from top) Embroidery Pattern Set Winter Wonderland Snowflake and Monogram Patterns for Ornaments or other decor by September House, Snowflake Tree Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Graphic Snow Flake Christmas by LKS Trading Post, Deck the halls paper garland by 3 Girls + a Goat, Snowflakes wall decal by Vinyl Design


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