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Fabric print sequel and fail

Hand screen printed and digital fabric

So I’ve been working towards some Christmas presents for my 3 best girlfriends. I thought I would make use of the fabric I printed earlier this year if you remember… and make a complimentary fabric that I would print at Spoonflower. Well this is a case of best laid plans and diminishing time frames and massive miscalculations. My colours came back perfectly thanks to the Spoonflower Colour Map,  but somehow my ‘small’ print became a ‘massive’ print and while it really matches my hand printed fabric the print is really too large to use side by side as I had planned. Somewhere along the line my fat quarter became a yard and well you can judge for yourself with the fabric on the right. Hmmm… so what to do?

Now that I’m the proud owner of a invisible zipper foot for my sewing machine I thought maybe I could use one fabric for the front and one for the back of a cushion cover, what do you think? I’ll make one and show you the results.

P.S. I have since corrected my bad calculation and uploaded a print that is much much smaller, you can view it and even buy it at Spoonflower.

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Inspired by :: hand drawn digital fabrics

4 hand drawn fabric swatches

Robert Kauffman Fabrics and Spoonflower have teamed up again with a Fabric 8 contest around the theme of Pen & Ink. With well over 700 submissions they managed to narrow it down to 8 finalists and these are just 4 of them. I have no idea how you would approach such a task but I think the eight finalists are really worthy choices. You can read a little more about each designer over on the Fabric 8 website.

I was really taken by the theme they chose because I think it really highlights a current trend in design (not just fabric design) to bring the truly handmade look into digital design. I have seen this trend emerging over the last couple of years and there are some wonderful designers out there who do this well – I will share some with you in the next week.

It’s made me look at my own designing a little differently and in a couple of weeks. I’m going to embark on a screen printing refresher course at Megalo in a couple of weeks and I want to use the time there to find a way to cross over between screenprinted fabric and digital. I have an idea brewing for my designs that I hope work as well in actuality. I’m looking forward to sharing the process with you.

The four fabrics are clockwise from top left: Butterflygarden by mahoneybee, Watercolor blooms by sberrens, Red poppies by Valley Designs, Water flowers by snowflower

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A stuffed chair affair

Patchwork armchair

I have an odd obsession with chairs and given the chance our house would be full of them. The cyclist is probably happy that I have not acted on that impulse. I pretty sure when I first laid my eyes on The Stamford chair from Squint Limited my first words were ‘Oh my!’. It’s amazing and such an eclectic mix of colours and fabrics. It has me wondering if I can put my fabric scraps box to good use to recover our sofa, now there’s a thought.

Colour swatch chair

If you’d prefer a functional chair that is also a colour resource then how about his one from the wonderful folks at Spoonflower. This one sits in their office and is made up of the colour charts they use when calibrating their digital textile printers. A yard of this fabric, which is available to buy, equates to 3600 colour chips and their corresponding RGB codes, well if that’s not bliss for the colour nerd in me then I don’t know what is. Needless to say my yard has already been ordered – I’m thinking of putting it on the wall. The best part is this is also available as an Adobe Swatch file to use in Illustrator or Photoshop.

Patchwork armchair

And what about this gorgeous Pushkar Chair from Couch, doesn’t this just make you smile? I really want to run my hands over it as it looks so tactile and I’m digging the pink legs.


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My fabric designs on Spoonflower

I was waiting until I received the swatches before I shared this with you. Here they are – fabric of my design direct from Spooflower. I’m really please with how they turned out, it was a giant learning curve for me to create a repeating pattern but it seems to have worked. Also trying to work out how the colours would translate from screen to fabric was an uncertainty. I went with a familiar design in three colours plus a complementary stripe. I think I’m done with my medallion now, although I do still like it. If you want to purchase any yardage you can see it on my Spoonflower profile. Any purchase you make earns me some Spoonflower dollars and if you end up using it make sure you send me a picture. I’m thinking my green medallion on an upholstery weight twill to cover a chair would look just lovely. What do you think?

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