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Give me the child until seven…

Boy at 10 months and at 7

and I will show you the man. If you remember I did a similar post when my jolly monkey turned 7. Well the little one turns 7 today and thanks to this Jesuit motto it’s been looming on the horizon like some kind of use by date for me to get all my influence in before he becomes hard coded into the man. I don’t devote any space to my little men on this blog and I do this on purpose but this day, the 7th birthday, is my one exception.

My little one was a very serious baby, he studied us and the world around him like he knew the way of the world and we were clueless. We found ourselves thinking that he’d been here before. He was not a difficult baby, a bad sleeper or any trouble. He’s my cuddly one and still loves to snuggle at any opportunity. Here’s what I know, he’s got an inner sensitivity to his surroundings, he’ll stop to watch ants, pat a cat, give me a cuddle if he thinks I’m feeling sad. He gets excited by my new fabric purchases, he’s aware of changes and he pays compliments. He’s a man of few words and my brother summed it by saying he says so much in expression. The boy has turned into a truly funny kid, with a quick wit and strange sense of humour although he doesn’t laugh out loud very often. The bottom photo is him attempting his cackling witch impersonation because he only had one front tooth. He loves dancing and music.

To me he is somewhat of an enigma and the cyclist’s and my resounding question each week is ‘where did he come from?’. I have such a strange yearning in my core that wants to know what the world holds for him and at the same time I never want him to grow out of his eccentricities, like the random collections (rocks mostly), the way he assembles items on his toy box and his little drawings that appear all over the house. Here’s what I also know, he’s curious, smart and opens doors for women – I think the man will be just fine!

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Give me the child until seven…

and I will give you the man. This Jesuit motto has been running through my head leading up to my Jolly Monkey’s 7th birthday. Could it be that the person he will become has already been hardwired? Sometimes I find myself watching him and wondering what life has in store for him. This gives me a feeling that can only be described as heartache but not of the fearful kind. Here’s what I know… he has a vast imagination with such detailed stories of events and characters that I can’t believe they are not real. He has a spark that people are drawn to, which gives me comfort that he will survive socially but also fills me with trepidation. He has a strange sense of humour and he giggles uncontrollably when trying to tell a story he thinks funny – mostly he never makes it to the punchline. He loves words and reading and will pull single words out of something you’ve said to him just to know their meaning. Here’s what I also know… he’s the fussiest eater on the planet and I honestly believe every author of fussy eater cookbooks would be challenged by him. He has a quick temper especially when he feels an injustice has been served. Oh and did you notice he’s missing a tooth? We think he may have swallowed it and just so the tooth fairy wouldn’t forget him he made me take a picture of his missing tooth, print it and he put it on his door. He certainly knows how to plan ahead, especially when money is involved… I think the man will be just fine.

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Birthday Month Continues

My little man turns 5 today but we celebrated with a party last Saturday. Here he is ready for his party and posing in his birthday t-shirt (I’m not sure about this ‘smile’). The birthday t-shirts are now a tradition and they have definitely evolved over the last 5 years. They used to be made with printable iron-on transfers with a naff design hastily created in Illustrator. Then I started to make applique t-shirts and this year they have the same number of stars as their age; I love stars and odd numbers so this worked for me and they don’t seem to mind. The green alien was his choice and I’m just glad that it wasn’t blue this year.

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Kioloa Beach

This is where we’ve been hiding for the last three days – at Kioloa Beach on the South Coast of NSW. It was so relaxing and on a day like this one it just makes me appreciate where I live. The beach was relatively quiet and the water was relatively warm and my little men had so much fun. The big one is getting too brave in the surf now and even caught some waves on his body board. The little one still loves spending time at the shoreline and making drip castles. Here they are just about to dip their toes in the water. This photo really shows off the beautiful Australian light. I think it has a quality that you don’t see anywhere else. What do you think?

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Struggling for Inspiration

My darling husband kindly reminded me that it has been 3 WEEKS since my last post. I’m not sure why I’m not very inspired at present. After all the sun is shining and flowers are emerging in our garden. I have been busy though, navigating a new OS and have just embarked on an online course on An Introduction to W3C’s Mobile Web Best Practices. Oh and I’ve been really unwell for the last week. Hopefully inspiration will strike soon.
P.S. The sparkler is my take on the light bulb moment in case you were wondering.

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Today is the one day of the year that the boys eat chocolate for breakfast! The easter bunny (who hopped out of bed at 4:18 this morning) left a few tasty treats in the nests we made in the garden yesterday. Not even the rain could deter him! This is a picture of the eldest with his chocolate bunny that he happily beheaded, broke into little pieces and ate.

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The Beach

With autumn fast approaching we decided to take off and enjoy the last of summer at Broulee beach last weekend. It’s been, incredibly, over a year since we last went to the coast and the boys had such a great time now they are that little bit older. The eldest had a great time with his body board and the little one just liked sitting on the edge of the water and digging holes, which also meant he came home with an extraordinary amount of sand in his swimmers!

The one thing I love about the south coast at this time of year is the vast stretches of beaches with very few people and the water is not too cold.

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Sportacus in the house!

My youngest is completely enamoured with Sportacus the character from the TV show called Lazy Town, which hails from Iceland of all places! As a reward for all his stickers on his toilet reward chart (yes we are tackling toilet training) he got this very cool Sportacus suit. He loves dressing up and he decided to wear the hat and goggles to the markets last week – he sure did look cute with the curls sticking out from under the hat. He won’t let us have his hair cut, but that’s another story. This is him doing his best Sportacus pose.

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The Vanishing Boy!

This is just so strange that I had to take a photo of it. My eldest has taken to laying out his clothes, as above, when he’s getting undressed for a bath. We have no idea why. I walked into his room and saw this! It reminded me of the Wizard of Oz when the Wicked Witch of West melts.

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A Camera in the Hands of a 5 Year Old

My eldest has discovered the camera recently which is really funny because at the same time he’s snapping these my two gorgeous Atlanta friends had just sent me samples of their girls’ photography efforts. Here are a few of his shots. These are my favourites from the 75 odd that we got off the camera yesterday. It’s really interesting to see what he chooses to shoot. We will never forget this house as we have shots of every corner; under the bed, the ceiling, lights, the dishwasher and the laundry pile on the sofa! These are from top, some of the books on the boys’ bookshelf, the heater vent and the wheely bee.

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