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Speaking of yellow…


I was so inspired by my yellow post yesterday I decided to do another one today. It’s slightly warm outside, I’ve just come back from the most amazing yoga class and I’ve discovered a single yellow freesia blooming in the garden. I dug out some pictures I took a few weeks ago when I started to really use all the dials on my camera. I setup a ‘studio’ in our very sunny family room with some foam core board, a piece of scrap fabric, a Mason glass jar and some freesias. The results are quite good and I sure did learn a lot from the exercise. What’s inspiring you today? I’d love to know.

October 28, 2010 \ inspiration \ 1 comment

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Change of Season and the End of Birthday Month

This is the flash of red at the bottom of my garden. These blossoms herald the end of summer and the start of autumn and coincide with shortening days and chilly mornings. Today marks the last day of summer and the end of birthday month. When the boys were little we would take our annual holiday in March just to recover from the all the birthdays. I just love autumn and I find myself about this time each year scrutinizing the Japanese maple for signs of change. I’m lucky to live in one of the few places in Australia that has the seasons in all their glory. I know some of my antipodean friends are probably looking forward to spring after what has been a long cold winter, if the newspapers are to be believed. So what’s your favourite season? Does it change the the focus of your work?

February 27, 2010 \ 52 weeks \ 1 comment

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It’s Autumn

Actually it’s almost winter but I never tire of autumn. I love the colours and the crisp mornings and warm days. I also love that I now live in a city that shows autumn in all its glory. We have nearly seen out an entire year in our new home and I have enjoyed watching the garden bloom, grow and now go dormant. This tree pictured is the most surprising. It sits outside our front courtyard wall and really makes our house stand out on the street.

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The Unfolding Mystery

It’s quite strange buying a house in winter when all the shrubs and trees are dormant. It’s been such fun watching the garden bloom and trying to work out what’s what. Here’s three flowers that are currently enjoying Spring. The irises are dotted all over the garden. I have no clue what the centre one is but it changes colour from pinks to orange and finally a beautiful shade of purple just as the flowers are wilting. The roses are huge and smell divine.

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Happy Flags

Floriade is almost finished for another year, and not as awe inspiring as previous years. It could have been for the fact that we went on a Sunday (too crowded) and spent half our time looking for a lost pink pig that my youngest insisted on bringing with him (we didn’t find it). I did come home with these cute happy flags though. I have 3 of them arranged in the garden and they really do make you smile when you gaze outside and also make you momentarily forget about all the weeds out there that need to be pulled.

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It’s quite easy to overlook the humble passion fruit or at least take it for granted. A few years ago we made a trip to Canada to visit some friends and do some skiing. The only request from our friends in Newfoundland was tins of passion fruit pulp! So I carted many tins across the world for them to enjoy. Our garden has a passion fruit vine and it is already starting to flower – they are so amazing. Pretty soon we’ll be giving away bags full of passion fruit to neighbours and friends. I will also have to break out the pavlova recipe, because a pavlova is not complete unless it’s drizzled with passion fruit. If anyone has any other recipes let me know. I still have a freezer full of passion fruitfrom last year!

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Flowers in the Garden

I really don’t like summer. I love the summer fruit that is now appearing in the markets – I bought my first mango of the season this week! I also put up with summer because it’s preceded by spring… ahhh beautiful spring. In Sydney the seasons just merge into a blur, but in Canberra they are extreme and distinct. These are the bottle brush in our garden. I love watching the blossoms unfurl from their tough exterior (top picture) and bloom into the most amazing flowers. We have several colours in our garden but the red is the biggest and most spectacular so of course it’s picture worthy.

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