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Screencast #2 :: Using Aviary to create a seamless tile

I had grand plans of publishing this on Thursday but it’s taken me two days to remember how to put together a screencast. Next time I think I should really do a screencast on how to do a screencast. So here’s my 2nd screencast and if you remember the last one I did here – I’m kind of keeping with the theme. After doing the previous one I realised that not everyone owns Photoshop or Illustrator so why not show you the same technique with the free online tool Aviary. If you want to play along with me today you will need:

  • An Aviary account
  • The Aviary plugin installed on your browser – I use Firefox but I think there’s also one for Chrome
  • An image that you want to use – if you’re stuck for inspiration check out Lost and Taken, which is what I use in the screencast

Running time: 6:03

Download: High Quality, Quicktime .M4V format (Apple TV Ready – 29.4mb)

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Screencast #1 :: Creating a seamless tiled pattern

Here’s my first screencast, which has been a quest of mine for while now. Working with video file formats and video players has certainly been a learning curve and there’s been much frustration and a few expletives over the last week. My player of choice just wouldn’t play nice (pardon the pun) in Firefox and while I sort that out I’ve presented this one in Flash but if you’d like to watch it offline or on an iPad (or other Webkit browser) you can download it. It’s not very polished but I’m sure I’ll get better over time.

Running Time: 6:46

Direct Download: High Quality, Quicktime .M4V format (Apple TV Ready)


P.S. Let me know if you have any issues with viewing the video.

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