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Trellis :: palette and pattern

Colour palette and crochet flowers by Carina Envoldsen-Harris

This adorable picture called Crochet Flowers by Carina Envoldsen-Harris was the source of my palette inspiration today. They just reminded me of spring flowers climbing a trellis. Of course after yesterday’s post I had to make a trellis pattern or two of my own so here are my patterns: Thinking in Circles (top), which I know is not particularly original but it is still a pattern that pleases me. Thinking in Square (bottom) proved to be quite a challenge to get it from Illustrator to Seamless Studio. Click on the pattern image to view the pattern in ColourLovers and you can download them from there as well. Enjoy!

Circle pattern in green, brown, blue and pink

Trellis pattern in blue and brown

January 13, 2012 \ colour lover \ 3 comments

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