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Remembering :: my mother

A poster about loss

It is exactly one year ago that my mother passed away. I know grief is a strange beast but somehow I thought I would be more accepting at the one year anniversary.

I’m not.

I’ve been told time heals all wounds.

It doesn’t.

All time gives you is the ability to adapt – it’s like sitting in the one position for too long and you adjust your body to find comfort. The pain doesn’t really disappear – it’s still there and I’ve learned to accommodate it.

This semester we’ve been challenged to produce two design outcomes that focus on an event from which you a strong emotional response. I thought it would be very hard, cathartic maybe, but very hard to return to the hour on the other side of the world when I heard the news. The first outcome had to be a poster and this is my final design. When I think back on those first few months after losing Mum I found myself explaining it to friends that I felt as if my North Star had disappeared over the horizon and I had no direction. The compass is also a nod to my mother’s seafaring heritage and one of our favourite quilt block patterns.

My second outcome is in production and if you’ve ever seen ‘Prosperos Books’ you may get and inkling of what it’s about.

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Creating a zine

One spread from the surface zine showcasing Heather Moore

Spread from a zine showcasing Danish motifs

Do you remember way back when I was talking of creating a ‘zine’? I really didn’t know what they were but the brief for this assignment was to create a zine around something you’re interested in that could be used as one is a series. My idea was to create a zine called Surface, that is devoted to surface design around the globe. This issue focused on Scandinavian surface design and I included some of my own patterns and photos as well as the work of other artists – like the super talented Heather Moore from Skinny laMinx. I sent Heather an email asking if she’d consider answering one question and she did! I was beyond excited. You know I should also point out that I asked 2 other artists the same question and they never replied – hmmm.

So here are my two favourite spreads from the zine, click on them to get the full effect.

All imagery in the first spread is © Heather Moore at Skinny laMinx.
Red Danish clogs image © Lady Violette de Courcy blog
Background pattern Cocktails Storybook  and Background pattern QA Storybook 1 are my own and you can see them on ColourLovers.

Download complete PDF version

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Thinking about :: swimming

Bubble in a tiled swimming pool

Well as most of you know (because I haven’t let you forget) – I’ll be taking part in the MS 24 Hour Mega Swim this weekend. It’s still not too late to make a donation towards my efforts.

The effort of training which also coincides with many assignments due has meant I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like. Trust me I would much prefer to be here than trying to conceive a 15 second video promo for a fictitious TV station. Can someone please tell me what this has to do with graphic design? Am I sounding at all cynical? Yes, I thought so. Remind me, why am I doing this again?

Anyway – there is a very faint light at the end of my assignment tunnel so I hope to back here in earnest soon because I have a bunch on stuff I want to share with you.

Have a lovely weekend and think of me doing lap after lap after lap after… you get the idea.

Image: Bubble reflections 4 from stock.xchng

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Is handmade creative?

Yes that is me on the cover of this fictitious magazine. This is my next Uni assignment and it’s still a work in progress so feel free to critique if you are so inclined. This assignment has been a little frustrating due to lack of feedback from our lecturer (turns out she’s been overseas for 2 weeks). In a moment of exasperation last week I wrote a long and frank email to the course co-ordinator to seek his guidance. He recommended I call him, which I did, and he spent a good 20 minutes going over every detail of my previous weeks work. Through the course of the conversation I had tell him the focus of my magazine and I said it’s for creative businesses. To which he replied – ‘not creative really more handmade’. Wait, is there a difference? This comment has really irked me since. Does this mean that people who knit, quilt, scrapbook and build are not creative? My mother used to say she was creative not artistic and I do see the difference in her case. She would argue she could follow a pattern but couldn’t make one up herself. My mother to me is the epitome of creative in all her handmade endeavours. Is this university elitism or is it just semantics? What’s your thoughts on this?

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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Black

I know I know, technically black is not a colour as the Jolly Monkey pointed out to me the other day and I couldn’t help but smile and think ‘that’s my boy’. So you will have to grant me a little blog artistic license today. Not surprisingly the colour search on Etsy doesn’t do black and surprisingly the keyword search yielded some interesting results. Here’s what I found:

TOP: Another Empire’s Acrylic Ampersand Brooch. What is it about the ampersand – it’s everywhere at the moment! I do love it but I also thought it was fitting since my next uni subject, which starts next week, is all about fonts.
MIDDLE: Brookish’s Jane Austen Quote Mug. These are so fun! She even has Mr Darcy’s proposal printed on a T-shirt, a must for any Jane Austen fan (like me). This mug just makes me want to sit inside and drink tea.
BOTTOM: Wall Decor’s Vinyl Decal Crystal Chandelier. So here’s where you need to humour me. I could not resist that wall, that chair, that rug! The chandelier is also available in black so it qualifies for my post today.

July 7, 2010 \ etsy \ 2 comments

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Drawing a Nice Pear… Give Away!

So this is what I’ve been doing this week… drawing pears. Actually I love pears and not just the taste of them. I’m even trying to incorporate the word pear into a business name because I think a pear on a business card would look lovely. Now, back to the reason I am drawing pears… well this has something to do with my University studies which start in earnest on Monday. I have not shared what it is I’m studying so I thought I would turn this into a little competition. I am going to give a $25 gift voucher from Hawthorne Threads or Kelani Fabric Obsession (your choice) to the person that does the following:

  1. Correctly guesses what I’m studying; and
  2. Leaves a comment with your guess and your voucher of choice

I will draw the winner on Sunday the 14th of March (White Day in Japan) and I will notify the winner by email.
The fine print… the winner is the first person randomly drawn that has the correct guess. Feel free to enter as many times as you like.. I just love comments. Feel free to tell your friends… I just love comments. Don’t forget to leave your email so I can contact you if you are the winner. Good luck!!

February 26, 2010 \ give away \ 8 comments

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