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Inspired by :: engravings

A selection of vintage engraving images

I’ve been working on a new theme design and I’m trying to go for vintage and elegant. In the process of researching I have become really taken with vintage engraving images. There is something about the ornateness of them that’s really captivating. In these days of digital design it’s really nice to be reminded of what it took to produce these intricate designs. I think we are seeing a resurgence of traditional methods in the digital age don’t you think?

The biggest treasure trove of engraving and all things vintages is the Graphics Fairy – she really unearths the most amazing images and offers them up for free. My current favourites are birds and banners – which is very strange as I’m not usually drawn to either.

All images are from the Graphics Fairy.

October 11, 2012 \ inspiration \ 1 comment

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An eye for :: vintage collage

vintage images

I’ve been working on a new blog design and it’s not coming together as well as my Akai theme did. I felt like it needed ‘something’ but I couldn’t define what that ‘something’ was. For reasons unknown I had an Alice in Wonderland rabbit image in my mind – weird! So of course I went off to Etsy to be inspired and look what I found. These gorgeous digital contact sheets are by Image Arts and I found them really intriguing. I do love botanical drawings and vintage inspired imagery but I’d never really thought to use something like this in a blog design, but suddenly my mind was working overtime on how I could incorporate these somehow or at least sometime soon. And do you want to know something funny? Image Arts also has an entire contact sheet of Alice in Wonderland images. It was meant to be.

All images are by Image Arts.

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Fabric :: vintage small prints

Collection of small print fabrics

I stumbled across a collection of vintage feedsack clipart that I’d downloaded from Pugly Pixel (which I wanted to link to but couldn’t find it on her site) and I seem to have been pondering small print fabrics ever since.

I first became aware of feedsack fabrics when we moved to Atlanta, which also coincided with the beginning of my love of quilts and quilting. Original feedsacks were so sought after then (and probably now) and it still amazes me that their intended purpose was for packaging goods like flour and grain. They are so petite and can only become apparent on very close inspections. I really love the imperfection of the printing and the unevenness of colour.

I think this might be my next pattern project, I always tend to go for large scale but it might be fun to attempt some small scale patterns. I’ll let you know how I go.

My vintage selection are all from NORDICARTFABRIC Etsy store.

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First pass with my vintage design

The one thing that has pretty much eluded me with designing is how to create a complex repeating pattern. Not that this attempt is complex but I wanted a brick pattern a per my scribbles. I found a great tutorial on creating a repeating hexagon pattern and applied the technique to this. What you’re looking at here is actually a screen shot of my starting design in Photoshop. The blue lines (the guides) are showing the area that I copied and used to create a pattern.

These are my three designs filled with the pattern and because I couldn’t decide which background colour I liked more I decided to post them all. Which one is your favourite? If you’d like to know exactly how this was done in Photoshop I’d be happy to put together a step by step… just say the word.

January 8, 2011 \ patterns \ 4 comments

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Creating my own kind of vintage :: first take

I took this image from a fabric for sale at Retro Age Vintage Fabrics and saved it to my iPad. One of my favourite tools on the iPad is Adobe Ideas – it’s incredibly fun to draw with (whilst standing in the kitchen waiting for lentils to cook) and better still it’s free. I love the colour extraction tool and with a little playing around I came out with this:

So my final colour palette is on the left – I didn’t really need to explain that did I? Then there’s the beginning of my very own vintage (circa 1973 I’d say) design. I think I might see how I go creating it in Illustrator, what do you think? Groovy or what… feel free to reply with or what.

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A little bit vintage

Vintage fabric from Retro Age Vintage Fabrics

Happy New Year friends… I know it’s the 3rd today and I’m a bit late but I’m really not a fan of January 1st. I’m not sure why that is but I’m always happier when the 2nd rolls around. I’m going for a few changes on my blog front – nothing too drastic but I’m sure before the year is out there will also be a redesign in there somewhere.

So why not welcome in the new by talking about the old. I seem to be seeing vintage fabric everywhere at the moment. How do these people find such well preserved vintage fabrics? I went online (as you do) for a Google search and came up with Retro Age Vintage Fabrics – an Australian website that has the most, dare I say, nostalgic range of vintage fabrics. I am convinced that we used to holiday in a house with curtains made from #5 fabric. It’s funny how music and smells can instantly bring back memories I had a similar experience with this fabric.

I have specifically chosen fabrics from the 70’s and 80’s but you probably guessed that right? I’m having a hard time calling it vintage because I equate that with calling myself vintage.

1. 3581a. Retro mod 70s cotton orange rust sheeting 2.  3906. Retro mod 1970s minimalist brown floral 3. 4075. Kitsch 70s 80s orange strawberries cotton blend 4.  1537. Large scale bright florentine ogee 1970s cotton 5. 3632. Gorgeous Scandinavian 1970s super graphic sampler

January 3, 2011 \ fabric \ 2 comments

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