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Lastest collaboration :: Realty Queen TO

This is the second time now I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Elizabeth from Be Brilliant Design. She is so great to work with and our latest venture was forĀ  Realty Queen TO blog owned by the lovely Aleksandra in Toronto, Canada. Elizabeth created such a gorgeous design and then passed it over to me to do the coding. This involved some blogger wrangling and I really like these projects because Elizabeth challenges me in a good way. The panoramic image of Toronto cityscape was my first hurdle, followed by a little compromise on the background image and that date ribbon! The final result was worth it don’t you think? There is also something very cool about being in Australia, collaborating with a designer in the US for a client in Canada. Now we just have to get Aleksandra blogging.

June 20, 2011 \ work \ 1 comment

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Mollom :: sorting the ham from the spam

OK, please humour me with this nerdy post but sometimes I can’t help myself. Up until recently and like most self-hosted WordPress bloggers I was using a spam blocking service called Akismet… it’s not bad but I had to extend my spam prevention by also adding a CAPTCHA to my comment box. This worked great for my regular comments (your know who you are and thank you by the way) but was very sporadic for new comments. Then I discovered Mollum! For a small fry like me in web world it’s a free service and it works so well.

Mollom divides your comments into Spam (unwanted comments) and Ham (legitimate comments). Mostly spam disappears into a cyber black hole and I never see it. Take my graph – see that big spike on March 29 – that was 516 spam attempts on my site – can you believe it? Of those 516 Mollom delivered 2 comments that to me were spam but they weren’t sure so they deliver it anyway. In WordPress there’s a Mollom plugin that connects to your Mollom account and it’s from here that I moderate these comments. It pays to tag these comments as spam because that goes back to Mollom and helps them become bigger, greater, stronger spam prize fighters.

Oh and as an extension to this I’ve added an Ask a Question widget that takes you through to my Formspring page. I get some many questions from bloggers on how to change their blogs so this is a space to ask those burning technical questions… feel free to refer your friends.

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Eat.Live.Shop – Code Wrangling

Eat Live Shop Blog

While doing the Blogging Your Way eCourse recently I had the good fortune to meet Elizabeth from Be Brilliant A Design Studio. We recently collaborated on the redesign of Eat.Live.Shop – an absolutely gorgeous blog that you really must check out. Elizabeth created such a lovely design, don’t you think? Renee was so great to work with and gave instant feedback which made me wonder if she ever sleeps. What is the time difference between Toronto and Canberra? Her blog is on Blogger which I have used but this was the first all out customisation. There was a lot of code wrangling on my part but I got it to bend to my demands with only a little swearing (under my breath of course).

November 26, 2010 \ work \ 3 comments

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A Little Blogging Break

Hey friends, I just wanted to let you know I’ll be having a little blogging hiatus as I move over to a new server. Yes, I’m server hopping again! I’ve decided to become a little more serious with my web/blog development and am now a HostGator Reseller. So if you’re interested in some competitive web site hosting and site development then please contact me. I should be at home in my new abode in the next couple of days. Wish me luck and a bug free transition.

{image via weheartit}

October 16, 2010 \ work \ 1 comment

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Mmmm Koko Black

About two weeks ago after stumbling home from a doctor visit nursing the worst flu I have ever had there was this on my doorstep. The biggest box of Koko Black chocolates I have ever seen. They were a present from my gorgeous friend Mel by way of thanks for finally finishing her website, which I should plug here – www. . And about a week ago I regained my appetite enough to taste them – an indication of just how sick I was. 64 chocolates in all and if I pace myself they may last at least 2 months. Oh… and about 4 days after the chocolates half a dozen bottles of wine arrived. So there you have it… if you need a website done I happily take payment in chocolates and alcohol.

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No Time for Pouncing

It occured to me this morning, being Monday, that I didn’t do a pounce yesterday! So how did I fill my Sunday? I installed a web server and Joomla! CMS and walked through a very well written get started tutorial to create this…. a website for a bogus landscaping company. I still haven’t wrapped my head around it but I think I’m getting there. And the rest of the day, well that was taken up playing Top Spin on the WII. I’m hooked!

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