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Bring It Home

Meet Michael and Loyzek who have come up with the most ingenious idea yet for Canberra. They have started Bring It Home, a business going on buying and transportation trips to Ikea in Sydney. Despite the rumours Canberra still hasn’t qualified for it’s own Ikea and it seems they were equally frustrated by this as a vast majority of Canberrans. These guys will be doing regular trips for 17% of the purchase price – sounds good to me! I love Ikea you only need look at our house! Now I better go an make my list.

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IKEA PS Ellan Chair

I absolutely love chairs and not only from the practical perspective. I even built a couple when I was at art school. One of which was made out of oregon hard wood and needs two people to lift it – not very practical. I was quite amused by this Ikea PS Ellan chair I found browsing the most recent Ikea catalogue. It’s almost a rocking chair – which I also love. Imagine being able to legitimately rock back on your chair after a big meal. It turns out this chair is assembled without any tools – how cool is that! Now if only Ikea would open a store in Canberra.

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