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Inspired by :: ONEandMANY ceramic design

4 products from ONEandMANY ceramic design on Etsy

For those that know me well or have been reading this blog for a while, you will know I am a very big fan of well crafted ceramics. I almost made ceramics my major at art school but opted for design because I found working with clay more therapy than art. I still wonder if that was a good decision.

These beautiful pieces come from ONEandMANY an industrial design studio specialising in ceramic design founded by Ya’ara Landau-Katz. Ya’ara’s industrial design training really reflect in the form and function of her work and I think that’s what caught my eye. The simplicity of the shape and colour of the bowl (1) really took my eye and I think this bowl would sit so nicely in your hands. I love the elegance of the vase (2) and the 3 stackable (yes really) dishes (3). Don’t you think they would be wonderful for olives  or sea salt or dukkah? The bowl and tray combination (4) has given me a craving for bread dipped in really good olive oil – yum.

This is but a sample of her work and I urge you to check out the rest on her ONEandMANY etsy store or the ONEandMANY website.

All images are via ONEandMANY etsy store:

  1. Hand made ceramic bowl, three colors bowl, Decortive ceramic for home, white, black and gray, Glossy glaze, urban design, modern, Minimalist
  2. Gray vase with glossy glaze. Gives the house a modern urban chic.
  3. Hand made ceramic bowl, 3 different sized bowls, white Glossy glaze, urban design, modern, Minimalist
  4. Hand made black ceramic serving dish,black ceramic, mat glaze, urban design, modern, Minimalist

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Loving :: neon colours (especially pink)

4 products from Etsy featuring neon pink

I know I talked briefly about neon colours with my zing colour post a while back and I confess I haven’t been able to shift the colour out of my head. My first reaction to the increasing prevalence of neon colours was, what again? I remember neon from the 80’s and thought we’d got it out of our system then but it’s back…. and I’m loving it. It just adds a wonderful splash of the unexpected, don’t you think? I’m especially loving neon pink in the home and not in fashion. Does anyone else remember leg warmers and Choose Life t-shirts?

I think each of my gorgeous finds could easily be accommodated in my house. I promise I did not plan it this way but chose 4 products I loved. Numbers 1, 2 and 4 are all from Aussie Etsy sellers and number 3 is by a Danish friend… how cool is that?

So what do you think of the current neon trend? Are you a fan or should it have been left back in the 80’s?

All products are via Etsy and they are:

  1. Ply Bunting. Handpainted raw ply. Large Size, Ready to Hangfrom Raw + Neon Homewares
  2. Ampersand Pillowcase from Auntie Cookie
  3. Forever Spring – lasercut flowers in neon red acrylic from Spagat shop
  4. Upcycled Natural & Neon Rope Basket: Pink / Coiled / Medium from Find Your Happy

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Inspired by :: C by C Design Studio

4 illustrations from C by C

I have a very strong feeling that Christine of C by C Illustration and Design Studio and I are supposed to best friends. We certainly share the same love of mid century modern design, Eames chairs, medallions and folk art. There is seriously nothing in her store that I do not love.

These are 4 partial prints from her range and I implore you to go and discover for yourself, you will not be disappointed. Her work is both whimsical yet timeless and her colour choices are sublime.

All four images are copyright of C by C Illustration and Design Studio. The are clockwise from top left:

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Inspired by :: clouds

4 images with cloud motifs

When you live in a country with little rain, there is a lot of cloud watching that happens. The BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) is my most visited website and it’s used to work out what I’m going to wear, whether or not I hang the washing outside and if I water the plants. You see I put an enormous amount of trust in the inexact science of weather predicting. Did you know my blog name is an homage to meteorology? True story. So it probably doesn’t surprise you to know that, without exaggeration, my father has kept a log of every inch of rain that has fallen in the 2 townships he has resided in over the last 40+ years. This may explain a little of my fascination.

I also love cloud motifs (and snowflakes and rain drops..) and I have recently been drawn back to them. They haven’t changed much since I added clouds to the sky of my childhood drawings. I really can’t go past their fluffy, irregular shapes.

Oh look, it’s cloudy outside – fingers crossed we’ll get some rain.

My cloudy finds are all via Etsy:

  1. ORGANIC Cloud Pillow – Goodnight pillow from Juniper Wilde store
  2. rubber stamps – CLOUDS from Citoyennes Illustrations
  3. cloud teaspoon rest – 4 1/2 inches from jd wolfe pottery
  4. Nothing But Rain, limited edition giclee print from Eloise Renouf

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A stitch in time :: Dandelyne Etsy Store

4 products from Dandelyne Etsy Store

When I first saw Dandelyne’s miniature wearable embroidery I was really smitten. I already had stitching on the brain having just hung a very large cross stitch that my mother made and promising myself that this is the year to finish the companion piece. Then I found these little treasures.

She’s a woman after my own heart with her colour choices and motifs. I just love dandelions, circles, swirls and fruit motifs but trust me when I tell you it was very hard to limit my choices to just 4. You really must go view them all. These are so clever and elegant in their simplicity and she makes them available as necklaces, brooches and wall art – don’t you think they’d make a great talking piece? I’m also thinking we could all learn something from her beautifully put together product photography, the jelly beans make them even more delicious.

I’m even more inspired to do some embroidery (and eat jelly beans) and happy to know it is not at all a dying art. Enjoy.

All images shown in partial are via Dandelyne’s Etsy Store. They are:

  1. Dandelion parachute embroidered necklace – spearmint, navy, yellow, pink, purple, blue, white – make a wish – love dandelyne
  2. Apple embroidered necklace – an apple a day design – lovely apple – unique miniature hoop – made with love by dandelyne
  3. Embroidered colour circles – miniature embroidery hoop – chain stitch – yellow, olive, navy – made with love by dandelyne
  4. Cloud and rain drops embroidered brooch – ginger, teal, lemon, mustard and aqua raindrops – made with love by dandelyne

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Thinking about :: the beach

4 images from My Little Pixels Etsy store

Tomorrow is Australia Day and for reasons unknown I always imagine myself lying on a beach somewhere on Australia Day. This is absurd because I don’t live close to a beach and I’m against tanning so it must have something to do with my heritage.

We will, however, be sitting on a beach next week (covered head to toe in sunscreen) and I’m getting excited by the prospect. Each year we use a friend’s caravan that sits permanently in a Holiday Park in a very small south coast seaside village. It’s basic and there’s limited cell phone access so the time away is about escaping, relaxing, swimming, eating and enjoying time with the boys before they embark on a new school year.

I went looking for some beach images to inspire me and found these gorgeous images from My Little Pixels Etsy store. I think what I love the most is they are very Australian (she’s based in Tasmania) and really speak of the solitude of some of our beaches. It is possible to be the only person for as far as the eye can see and I think that’s what makes our beach experience so special. You have no choice but to unwind, reflect and breathe. It’s good for the soul and I think these images really capture that feeling.

Happy Australia Day!

All images are via My Little Pixels Etsy store and the prints are on sale until Jan 28th:

  1. Nautical decor – Photo Fine art photography print 5×5 – beach Photography summer photograph – ocean photography “Out of Focus” clickety
  2. 8×8 Photography fine art print – Ocean Photography – The Waves Will Roll Right In – beach photography print blue ocean photography
  3. Ocean photography – fine art photography print 5×5 – vintage inspired beach photography nautical decor clickety
  4. 8×8 Fine art photography print – Listen to the Ocean – nautical fine art ocean photograph print vintage

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Thinking about :: trees and caitlihne illustrations

4 illustrations from caitlihne etsy store

Happy New Year friends! Does it feel good to know we are all still here and the Mayans were not right – this time?

I’ve started my year thinking of trees – yes really. New Years Eve was spent in the garden of the new house of friends and they seem to have acquired the right amount of bird attracting trees. This has set me on a mission to start planting some that will bring the bird life to our garden without resorting to hanging a seed bell or two from the trees that birds otherwise ignore.

In what turned out to be a little serendipity (I’m sure there must be another word for it) I stumbled upon two cool things. A book on trees – did you know we share 50% of our DNA with trees? It was a surprise to me. The second find was these gorgeous illustrations by Cathy at caitlihne etsy store. Aside from being wonderfully quirky she also incorporates trees into almost all her work. I think what drew me in the most was that her style really varies, sometimes very naive and other times very detailed. It was very hard to reduce my choice to 4 to show you today. You really need to go and see her other work – it’s truly lovely.

The images are all from caitlihne etsy store and are clockwise from top:

  1. Art Drawing Illustration A4 Print Stylised Trees Birds Woman Green Cream Pink Garden Leaves Contemporarythis is number 7 in a series featuring women and trees – cool right?
  2. Pen and Ink Illustration Drawing Black And White Art Monochrome Bird Art Bird And Tree Illustration
  3. 7 x 5 Small Illustration Print Art Stylised Bird On Tree Purple White Green Narrative Art
  4. 10 x 8 Art Illustration Print Fox Landscape Tree Winter Blue White Orange Drawing Watercolor

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Inspired by :: birch trees

4 products inspired by Birch trees

I really want to blame to the trees for my current malaise, but it’s no more than a head cold.

September and October are notoriously windy in Canberra and this assists in spreading tree pollen and fluff. I believe the ‘fluff’ (I don’t know the scientific term so fluff it is) comes from birch trees and while it’s a pretty sight when driving down any of the birch avenues in the area it is also a little insidious – packed into the spaces of your bicycle helmet is just one of the many places it will appear. It is also a great allergen and I haven’t suffered with hay fever as much since moving to Canberra. Not even the Atlanta yellow mist can compare.

While standing outside pondering a birch tree it occurred to me that they have also served as quite the inspiration for many artisans. My favourite has to be Lara Cameron’s Birch fabric (#1) and I have this in red on a bag from Mattt. I’m glad to see that there is a lot of birch inspired loveliness out there.

  1. Lara Cameron’s Birch Forest in Robins Egg from Ink and Spindle
  2. Birch vases set of 6 from Jaden Rai Inspired Etsy Store
  3. white birch forest topography organic wood from Urban + Forest Etsy Store
  4. Wide Birch Band in Bright Silver from Wexford Jewelers Etsy Store

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An eye for :: tea towels

Tea towel designs from Skinny laMinx

I have just noticed that my tea towels really need replacing as they are close to threadbare. Usually I would go to the local home maker store and buy any old thing but this time I’ve decided to treat myself to a couple from Skinny laMinx.

Skinny laMinx is the creative enterprise of South African based illustrator and designer Heather Moore. We Australians tend to have an affinity for South Africa and I’m not sure why that is. We don’t have very similar histories like we do with Canada so maybe it’s because we are often mistaken for the other when travelling abroad or that the gorgeous flowers that we like to call our natives (proteas for example) are actually native to South Africa. Or maybe it’s just because we are both in the Southern Hemisphere and share the same seasons.

I have been a fan of Heather’s work for many years now so it’s surprising that I haven’t blogged about her before now. Her tea towels and fabric are screen printed and she starts a lot of her designs with paper cut-outs, which sound simple enough but she has turned this technique into a true art form and she is the only designer I know that makes weeds look appealing.

So back to my tea towels. As I suspected the Skinny laMinx Etsy store did not disappoint and two of the four pictured here are on their way to me. Can you guess which? I look at it as the beginning of my collection.

All tea towels designs are from Skinny laMinx Etsy Store and they are clockwise from top: Succulents in Terracotta, Everyone Came to Tea in wedgewood, Sprouts in blackboard and Flatware in sage.

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An eye for :: vintage collage

vintage images

I’ve been working on a new blog design and it’s not coming together as well as my Akai theme did. I felt like it needed ‘something’ but I couldn’t define what that ‘something’ was. For reasons unknown I had an Alice in Wonderland rabbit image in my mind – weird! So of course I went off to Etsy to be inspired and look what I found. These gorgeous digital contact sheets are by Image Arts and I found them really intriguing. I do love botanical drawings and vintage inspired imagery but I’d never really thought to use something like this in a blog design, but suddenly my mind was working overtime on how I could incorporate these somehow or at least sometime soon. And do you want to know something funny? Image Arts also has an entire contact sheet of Alice in Wonderland images. It was meant to be.

All images are by Image Arts.

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