Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Green

Glassworks Northwest Lime Green Daisy Stake

Tiffany's Boutique Happy Tree

Ferntree Studio - Love you Soooo Much Print

So this week I’m going green… when I started my hunt I was thinking about the ideas associated with the colour green. The negative; green with envy, feeling green and the postive; green thumb, green living. When asked I would say that green is my favourite colour. I have an eye for green, I think I may have said that before. Here’s what my ‘green’ search found:

TOP: Glassworks Northwest’s Lime Green Daisy Flower Stake – Garden Art. Isn’t this so happy? There is a photo on her store with a whole bunch of them in the garden – now that would look lovely outside our family room.
MIDDLE: Tiffany’s Boutique Happy Tree because everyone needs a happy tree.
BOTTOM: Ferntree Studio’s I Love You SO Much print in green. I could think of a whole bunch of people that would love to receive this… but I would probably start with the my darling husband.

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